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About - Better Life

What is the ‘better life’? Simply put, it’s a lifestyle that celebrates excellence and aesthetics in every facet of living. Where life doesn’t just come replete with the finest experiences, services and products, but is also conceived, designed and built with a focus on responsible luxury, and careful attention to the environment and society. Where like-minded people from different walks of life come together, and live in harmony. Where ‘smart’ ecosystems employ the latest technologies to enhance and enrich every aspect of daily life. Where everything is curated so as to provide a richer and more fulfilling experience at par with the global best.

As we celebrate life in all its glory, it gives us great pleasure to present BetterLife Magazine. A lifestyle publication to share, enlighten, and update our readers on different facets of living, with insights and perspectives on the latest global trends, and the changes we experience in an ever-evolving urban landscape.

You see, at Lodha, the relationship with our customers doesn’t end when we hand over the keys of the apartment. Rather, it is the beginning of a continued and cherished relationship with them. This magazine will be a significant platform to strengthen and carry forward this relationship.

Put together by the country’s finest writers, designers, photographers and illustrators, BetterLife will both entertain and captivate readers with its evocative writing and visual imagery.

Here, you’ll find articles ranging from services provided by some of the world’s foremost hospitality experts, to tips on how to start a wine collection; the best watches to buy, to the finer points of collecting art from the rare corners of the world. Everything to ensure, you live each day to the fullest.

What’s more? We are also launching the BetterLife café. An organic café that will serve up delicious and healthy food in relaxed surrounds. You can read up more about it in the ‘Café section’.

‘Better life’ is the perfect embodiment of Lodha’s philosophy of ‘building a better life’, and an important part of our continuous endeavor to transform the lives of our customers. We’d love to know what you think of it, and we hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did putting it together.